My GPG Keys

Since January 2023:

I also accept GPG-based E2EE messages, so if you want to ensure that the information you send can only be read by me, you can encrypt it with my public key.

The table below shows all GPG master keys that I have used:

  KEYID (Master Key) Associated Email Status Usage Generate At Valid Until Private Key Location
1 76424559FEBCF229 [email protected] Active Git signature
E2EE Messages
SSH Authentication
2023-01-19 Forever Subkeys: in yubikey
Master: offline
2 ED9AB02E11F1D5E0 [email protected] Expired Git signature 2022-07-06 2023-01-21 Offline
3 B44AB3AC84A7D51A [email protected] Expired Git signature 2022-05-08 2022-07-06 Offline

You can get the public key of key 1 and key 2 via WKD (Web Key Directory):

I also provide the base64 encoded public key of all three keys: