My GPG Keys

The table below shows all GPG master keys that I have used:

  KEYID (Master Key) Status Usage Generate At Valid Until Private Key Location
1 76424559FEBCF229 Active Git signature
E2EE Messages
SSH Authentication
2023-01-19 Forever Subkeys: in yubikey
Master: offline
2 ED9AB02E11F1D5E0 Expired Git signature 2022-07-06 2023-01-21 Offline
3 B44AB3AC84A7D51A No longer use Git signature 2022-05-08 2022-07-06 Lost
4 038C6CDC87808A83 No longer use Git signature 2022-05-26 2022-07-06 Lost

Key 3 and key 4 were lost in a accident where I misoperated my disk and erased them from the disk. They have been lost but not leaked.

You can get the public key of key 1 and key 2 via WKD (Web Key Directory):

I also provide the base64 encoded public key of key 1 and key 2:

Key 1: 76424559FEBCF229

Key 2: ED9AB02E11F1D5E0